From a portable face mask sanitizer to a washing machine that you can take wherever you go. Technology is constantly improving and today we’ve compiled a list of eight amazing new inventions that are on an entirely new level. Welcome to future-tech before we begin make sure you hit that like button subscribe and stick around for the final product, glove light face, masks have become mandatory worldwide, meaning we all have more face masks lying around than ever before.

Glove light has designed an all-new product that can help keep your mask sanitary so that you can wear them each day without risking breathing in harmful bacteria or other contaminants. The glove light is a UV carrying case for your mask that can quickly and easily destroy all harmful bacteria in a matter of minutes. This keeps your mask clean and sanitary, with each use allowing you to clean it between locations, while powering through your daily errands, potentially saving lives according to a glove. Most people tend to place their masks in their pocket purse, or even a zipper bag when they are not. In use, they can lead to bacteria multiplying, making your mask far more dangerous than when you initially removed it.

The glove light cuts down on this bacteria cleaning your mask without having to put it in the washer. The glove light can easily fit into your pocket or purse and can be recharged with a USB cable, just place it. Your mask inside of the glove light close the lid and let the UV light disinfect your mask almost immediately [ Music, ] mitch, portable washer, having a washing machine in your home, can be incredibly convenient. However, if you don’t wash daily dirty clothes can pile up very quickly. The mitch portable washer was designed to be a companion to your existing washer, giving you extra capacity to wash clothes on laundry day.

The mitch portable washer is compact and can be stored away on virtually any shelf in your home when you’re ready to use it just expand the washbasin and plug it in. You can wash several items at once, including a t-shirt two pairs of underwear, two baby shirts, eight pairs of boxers, and ten socks. At the same time, all you need to do is add your clothes, add water, and pour in your detergent. The washer will take care of the rest. It will even spin-dry your clothes afterward, meaning you can hang them outdoors to dry in no time the compact design makes this a no-brainer for any home and can help you clean your clothes much quicker than using a standard, washer alone, a romeo sense. This incredible device can change your day-to-day life, bringing peace and tranquility into your home. The romeo sense is a brand new side table lamp that will blend in perfectly with any office or bedroom.

This lamp is able to adjust your lighting throughout the day, giving you the perfect amount of light to suit your daily needs. You can adjust the color of the light, the frequency, or even change the brightness to best suit your needs, though it doesn’t stop there. There is also a built-in aroma diffuser so that you can add your favorite, essential oils and have them steadily released into the air. Throughout the day, you can schedule sessions of light and aroma to help you wake up in the morning, stay alert throughout the day, and sleep peacefully at night. The included smartphone app will also let you play music through the romeo sense so that you can use it as a Bluetooth speaker.

There are loads of free songs built into the app so that you can dial in the perfect tone to fit your mood. Snapmaker. 2.0. 3D printers have taken the world by storm. However, this device is much more than your average 3d printer. The soapmaker 2.0 is the perfect all-in-one solution for customizing or creating various objects for use around your home. This incredible device can 3d print laser engrave carve and so much more interchangeable heads allow you to 3d print, virtually anything you’d like when you are done. You can swap out for the laser cutting head. This will allow you to cut through almost any material. You can imagine, or laser engraves your favorite products after that you can swap out for the CNC carving module, allowing you to carve wood or other materials into breathtaking shapes or designs. The entire system is controlled by an android-based screen controller.

This means that the system will be easy to use and will be compatible with most modern apps or technologies. It is also easily upgradable and programmable so that you can rest assured you’ll be able to dial in exactly what you’d like to print or create a Padron ring with this incredible device. You’Ll no longer need a touchpad or a mouse for your computer. The Padron ring is an incredible product that allows you to take a touchpad wherever you go, though, all the features of a standard touchpad are built into a ring. This ring can connect to your phone tablet or computer through Bluetooth and will allow you to turn any desk space into a trackpad sensor that is built into the ring that can intelligently detect your finger movements turning these movements into digital cursor instructions.

This means, without needing a trackpad, your computer will be able to follow detailed hand, gestures, converting these gestures into cursor movements on screen. You can use your desk like a giant touchpad, giving you incredible capabilities for drawing creativity or simple daily tasks such as browsing the web or scrolling through your emails. The ring is incredibly simple to set up as well just pair it to your device with Bluetooth and let the Technology inside of the ring do the rest. When you’re done the ring can be quickly and easily recharged for later use. Snoop atom2 this product can help you take stunning photos or videos with your smartphone instantly.

The snopa atom 2 is a brand new device that can connect directly to your smartphone, giving you all the best photo-taking features built into a single product. You can use the snopa as a selfie stick, meaning you can take personal photos to your heart’s content using the built-in aperture button, if you’d prefer to take videos, just turn your phone around and use the stick’s self-leveling capabilities to capture smooth, steady video without the need Of editing software, if you’d like to take a simple photograph of yourself or your friends, the snopa can be used as a tripod, though one of the most impressive features is snopa’s. Advanced ai facial recognition, software. This built-in software allows the device to track your facial movements following your movements on camera, without the need of a cameraman. The stick can move around and follow you as you walk or run by always keeping you in focus and in view of the camera, basic vacuum cleaner.

The basic car vacuum can help clean up difficult messes in your vehicle or home quickly. This vacuum can suck out dirt debris or leftover food remnants in an instant. This vacuum may be small, but it has super strong suction and was built with aircraft quality metal. It is designed to last a lifetime and is built with a motor that can make easy work of the most difficult messes using just 15 volts.

The vacuum is rechargeable, so you never have to worry about cables or other wires hanging around. You can quickly and efficiently clean your headliner dash in between seats, the door’s trunk and so much more using this one, simple device: just press the power button to turn the vacuum on and you’re ready to clean. When you’re done remove the dust, storage compartment and dump it in the trash if the vacuum gets dirty, it is incredibly easy to clean, as it is built with stainless steel. Just wipe it off with warm soap and water and you’ll be ready to clean again in no time.

You could also plug it in and charge it in just a few hours so that it will be ready for your next job catson. This amazing device will prevent you from ever needing to clean out your cat’s litter box. Again, the Katzen is a brand new type of automatic cat box that will intelligently clean out your cat’s, litter box anytime. It uses the restroom. A series of complex sensors are built into the device allowing it to detect when a cat is inside and when it leaves as soon as the cat leaves the box, it will sweep out any contaminants into an easily removable tray so that you can dump them in The trash, without ever needing to touch your cat’s leftovers. What makes this litter box even more interesting is that it will sanitize the litter using UV light as well, meaning the box will always be clean and sanitary, no matter what just plug it in and let Technology do the hard work for you.

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