The Best Grill Salmon in Foil-Keto Friendly Recipe 2021



Hey everybody welcomes back to my website today we’re cooking fresh Atlantic grill salmon fillet on the grill in tinfoil, so we’re gonna start with almost a two-pound salmon filet, I’m going to get this on the foil get the now that we have it on the foil.

We’Re gonna go ahead and make just a little tray for it to cook down so we’re kind of gonna fold up the edges here, we’re just kind of making a tray for cooking so that the juices don’t run all over the grill. And we just do this by folding up the foil.

Okay, now that we got it in the foil, we’re gonna use just a little bit of garlic salt just to thin coat of garlic salt, because we’re gonna put some minced garlic on here. So Lawry’s brand garlic, salt, or your favorite brand we’re gonna put some minced garlic on here and just this is to taste. So I like a lot of garlic on here, so I’m just gonna spread this around real nice and we’re gonna use butter.

So just take your normal stick of butter. I just cut a bunch of chunks of butter right here and put it on. You know just kind of spread it around. This is gonna. Basically, once it starts melting on the grill, it’s gonna run down into your foil pan, and basically, then, your Salmons gonna cook in the butter. So I like to go generous on the butter, that’s good, and then what I do is take a fresh lemon slice. This up and just take lemon slices put it on top of this, and I take the end of the lemon here and kind of just squeeze it out get a little that extra lemon juice. So that’s how simple that is, and we’re gonna get it on the grill in just a minute as soon as that warms up, but, as I said, we’re ready to grill, I’m also drinking a blue cheese-stuffed olive martini today with dinner.

grill salmon
grill salmon

If you want to know how to make these tasty treats, I do have a video on how to do that, so I’ll post a link to that down in the description. Ok, since this is ready for the grill and the grill, is now heated up, we’re gonna go ahead and get this guy on the grill. It’S gon na cook, for about 15 minutes or till done so showing you how to tell when it’s done. But right now we’re gonna get it on the grill. Okay. So we’re about to get this on the grill.

I recommend putting this on a cookie sheet, at least taking it off the grill, because all that butter is gonna be melted and it’s gonna be hard to hold that underneath. So you see, we got our foil pan set up kind of made up and really nice and the grill is at about 300 between 3 and 350 right now, somewhere, maybe 325 range, so again, 15 minutes or until done and I’ll show you how to tell that. But we’re gonna close this grill up and get this stuff cooking, so we’ll be back okay, so it’s been about 15 minutes here, actually just a little bit more than 15 minutes and what you want to check for.

Are you see the layers right here? You can see the layers of the meat you want to go to the thickest part. Oh yeah, that’s done! Look at that! You see how that just peels right apart, like that, so as soon as you can peel it apart, like that, this salmon is done. You just don’t want it, you don’t want it raw and if it’s translucent in the middle and it feels hard, then it’s definitely not done so we’re gonna pull this right off the grill here, like I said this is why we’re going to use a Cookie sheet because it’s easy to slide right onto the cookie sheet and much easier to carry in the house.

Okay, so we got this inside on the hot pads and, like I said when that skin peels or when those layers peel like that, you know that’s nice and done, and let’s taste this here, mmm. That is amazing. Now some people say the best stuff for you is in the skin, this nice and crispy. You can eat that a lot of people don’t, but you can that’s crispy. So basically, you can see where this is falling apart here. This is almost coming apart.

So I’m gonna cut this up. You know you can basically just discard the lemons and then we just divide this up and eat it like this. Usually but yeah. Look how easy that falls apart. That’S just oh look! How tender that is, and juicy look at look at how moist that is. This is about to be amazing right here. Mm-Hmm, that’s good stuff!


So hope yours turns out as good as mine. Please remember to like this video subscribe to my channel if you haven’t, subscribed already click that little bell you’ll get notifications when I post new videos, and see you next time, thanks.


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